3 outputs expected

Output n°1: Serious game on agroecology

A typical dairy and crop farm has been developped for each partner country, which leads to 4 different farms.

The architecture of the serious game is based on 5 submodels: soil, crops, animals, ecosystem services and socio-economic submodels. All these submodels have been coupled together to exchange information, in order to ensure the systemic dimension of the farm.
They represent all important biophysical, social and economic aspects of a mixed crop and dairy farm.

Major agroecological practices found in the scientific literature are available in the game. For each of these practices, the effects on each submodel are described. Some important synergetic effects are also described.

The game is available for all freely online: play our SEGAE serious game here

More information about the game

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SEGAE game is released

The compagny SUCCUBUS Interactive has been working with SEGAE educational and scientific team to finalize the game. And the result is here:

Try our game

Output n°2: Tutorial for serious game use

All our tutorial videos are available here

Output n°3: Pedagogical guide and online short courses

To help trainers and teachers, this guide provides examples of pedagogical sequences to organize a serious game session, partly based on the experience from real teaching and dissemination activities.

Different activities are proposed for different publics: Bachelor and Master students, professional training, use in agricultural high schools...

Complete SEGAE educational toolkit available here

Several pedagogical objectives are proposed: systemic approach of farm management, learning of agroecological practices, simulation of transition towards agroecology.

The guide includes methodological material to evaluate the interests of the serious game:

  • quiz on agroecology to do before and after playing the game in order to evaluate the learning of players
  • satisfaction enquiry
  • online resources to go deeper in the subject of agroecology will be proposed: 6 short videos explaining the key concepts and functioning of each of the submodels (soil, crop, animal, ecosystem and economic and social models), as well as a more systemic view of agroecology.


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