Target groups

Open to everyone

The serious game answers a major societal issue: the transition to a sustainable agriculture and future of our ecosystems and planet. Therefore it will be wide open to everyone.

The serious game and education kit will be multilingual and available online. Different scenarios will be proposed to adapt to different levels.

Our main target groups are:

  • Students of agricultural schools and universities - in the fields of agriculture, plant sciences, animal sciences, environmental sciences, economics, sociology, etc.
  • Professors of agricultural schools and universities in Europe: they can use the SEGAE serious game and educational tools in class with their students to teach them about agroecology.
  • Agricultural professionals: the game will provide to agricultural technicians and farm advisors a systemic understanding of agroecology. Thus, they can better assist farmers in switching from conventional to agroecological farming.  

The objective is to train professionals and future professionals to implement agricultural practices based on agroecological principles

  • General public: everyone can also learn about agroecology while playing the game.

If you are interested by the serious game in agroecology and/or to participate in a training session, please feel free to contact us.